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Top 5 Rainbow Songs


At 5 is a track from an album regularly voted near the top in pretty much all Best Heavy Metal albums of all time polls, Rising. It’s a foot stomper that always perks me up. At 5 is Starstruck



Next up is another song from the Rising album with a similar title. This one though is one of their show stopping classics. It rocks on for over 8 minutes, Cozy Powell is incredible on the drums as is Ritchie on guitar and Dio vocally too. At number 4 is Stargazer.


At number 3 is from an album of the same name from 1978. It’s a rip roarer, singalong classic that doesn’t let up. At 3 is Long Live Rock n Roll.


The song at number 2 starts like a steam train and never lets up either. It’s a song I have personally loved for years and was the bands biggest commercial hit in the UK too. From Difficult to Cure in 1981 at number 2 is I Surrender.


And at number 1 for me is a tender moment from the first album, it’s quite frankly brilliant in all aspects and I recommend you go online and watch a live version to see it in all it’s excellence. The number 1 Rainbow song according to Vintage Rock Pod is the brilliant Catch the Rainbow.

Let me know your Top 5 Rainbow songs!

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