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Andrew Farriss was the main songwriter in INXS. Michael Hutchence added the flair and the lyrics but without Andrew there really wouldn't have been the INXS that we know.


INXS sold more than 50 million records around the world. They had number 1 albums and number 1 singles across the globe too. They won the biggest of awards and played the biggest of venues. And all whilst keeping the band line-up the same throughout their 20 years with Michael Hutchence.


In this interview we talk about Andrew's new music and then dive into the success of INXS where he talks about his friendship and writing role with Michael, the pressure to follow up their first real hit in America, all the stories around the incredible album 'Kick' – which the label didn’t understand when they first heard it – right through to working with the legend that is Ray Charles.

Andrew Farriss End Pic.jpg
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