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The Runaways are one of the earliest and most influential all-female rock acts of all time, a band that proved that women could rock just as hard as any man could! The group of Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Sandy West, Lita Ford and my guest Jackie Fox make up the iconic line-up of the band. Their army of fans stretched across the globe, especially in Europe and Japan where their most famous song, Cherry Bomb – was a number 1 hit! Although only together for a short period of time, they paved the way for bands like The Go-Go’s, The Bangles, Vixen and others to hit the big time.

But the girls were just teenagers when they formed, 15 or 16, and the 1970's were a dangerous place for young women in the industry. The stories behind the Runaways are famous, each of the band members have told their sides at various times, and it's clear the girls were exploited financially, and in many other ways too. Drink and drugs and were made readily available and sexual assault occurred too. Remember these girls were all just teenagers.

My guest, Jackie Fox, is an incredible woman who's had an incredible life and she talks to me about everything from her early life learning to play the guitar through to her current projects. She also speaks candidly about the rape she suffered at the hands of the bands manager.

It's an interview not to miss.

As well as this I will of course give you this weeks Top 5 run down - which is obviously my favourite 5 songs from The Runaways!

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