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The STRAWBS have been in action since the 60's and the bands bass player, CHAS CRONK, joins me to tell me his stories from his time in the band, including the recording of the iconic 'Hero and Heroine' album of 1974!


He also gives us an update on Dave Cousins plus plans for another new studio album! We also hear his stories about Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Rick Wakeman (YES) and Steve Hackett (Genesis)! Plus he tells me all about his brand new solo album, LIBERTY, which is out now!

The Strawbs are one of those bands that straddle various genres effortlessly, whether that's folk, rock or prog and have a back catalogue of hits including "Part of the Union" and big selling albums like 'Bursting At The Seams', 'Hero and Heroine' and 'Ghosts'.

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