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Tony Martin is the former lead singer of the legendary, Black Sabbath. Sabbath's 'lead singer roll of honour' includes Ronnie James Dio and former Deep Purple men Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes but Tony Martin remains the second longest serving lead singer of the band after Ozzy Osbourne! Tony fronted Sabbath for the best part of a decade recording five studio albums and a live album too.

In this interview he tells great stories about Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, how he felt being kicked out of the band the first time, his experiences behind the Iron Curtain and some funny stories involving a knitting granny and an Irish gardener.

Tony is back with a brand new solo album "Thorns" which is available to buy or stream on all the usual platforms, please check it out!


Also on this episode I run you through my favourite 5 Black Sabbath songs - what will be number 1? Will it match yours?


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