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Mark Stein is the lead singer and keyboard player with influential band Vanilla Fudge and in this episode he tells stories that contain The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Dave Mason and much more.


Vanilla Fudge crashed into the public awareness with the release of their brilliantly re-arranged and reimagined version of "You Keep Me Hanging On". It gained them friends and fans on both sides of the Atlantic and their tours with Led Zeppelin in support across the US are legendary. Mark worked for many years with a former guest on Vintage Rock Pod, Dave Mason, on many albums, plus he was part of Alice Coopers band in the late 70s, and the Tommy Bolin band too.


Now Mark has recently released his first ever solo album 'There’s a Light', which is pretty incredible when you think he's been in the business for so many years! He’s a great storyteller so I hope you enjoy this chat with him.


Also on the show you get to hear my Top 5 songs from the legend that is.. JIMI HENDRIX! I'd love to hear your favourite songs from Jimi - just email and I'll give you a mention on next weeks show!

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