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Ep.40  BEV BEVAN - ELO / The Move / Black Sabbath
Listen Below:

The legendary, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame drummer who's worked with some of the biggest names in the business, shares his stories on this episode of Vintage Rock Pod!


With his early band he cut his teeth as the opening act for The Beatles and the Rolling Stones before joining Midlands supergroup THE MOVE.


The story of The Move is incredible with some huge records and a number 1 single, their song was the first played on BBC Radio 1 when it launched and they were taken to court by the British Prime Minister!


Jeff Lynne joined them and they became ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, becoming one of the biggest bands in the world, having more top 40 singles in the UK and US combined than anyone else from 1972 to 1986! And that's not the end of it - on leaving ELO he then joined BLACK SABBATH!


It really is a fantastic rock and roll story!


He's joined in the interview by Joy Strachan-Brain from Quill, a British band with roots back in the early 70s - and Bev's new group.

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