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Paul Carrack has had an incredible career with so many hits on both sides of the Atlantic for a huge number of incredible groups.


He's the main man behind Ace’s 1974 hit “How Long”, vocalist on the Squeeze song “Tempted” and was lead singer in Mike + The Mechanics.


He’s also toured with Eric Clapton for over a decade, sang Pink Floyds 'Hey You' for Roger Waters famous 'The Wall' show in Berlin in 1990, been part of Ringo Starr’s All Star Band, written songs for the Eagles, worked with The Smiths, The Pretenders and Nick Lowe as well as being part of Roxy Music for 3 albums and so so much more.


And now he's back with a new album "One On One" set for release in September.


Don't miss his wonderful stories on this weeks show!

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