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Jeff Pilson rose to fame as an integral member of DOKKEN in the heady days of 80s. 3 platinum albums and 10 million record sales in 5 years put the group at the top of the scene, but the tumultuous balance in the group meant it wasn't to last.


Jeff talks openly about his time in DOKKEN, how he felt when they broke up, what made them successful despite the tension in the band and if there will be a reunion.

He also talks of his admiration for his friend RONNIE JAMES DIO, whom he played, recorded and toured with for years and of joining MICK JONES and FOREIGNER who he's been with since 2014. 


Jeff is also busy with other projects including THE END MACHINE, with whom he's just released a critically acclaimed second album "Phase2" and BLACK SWAN who are currently recording their second album too!  


It's another great interview with rock and roll stories to tell.

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